ACCP’s Mission: “The American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s purpose is to improve human health by extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacy.”

ACCP Bradenton Student Chapter will “familiarize students with the field of clinical pharmacy by providing information about careers and opportunities within the field of clinical pharmacy; promoting dedication to excellence in patient care, research, and education; and encouraging the professional development necessary to function within an interdisciplinary team.”

ACCP Student Benefits:

Professional Development

  • Student Clinical Compass: Guiding Students to a Career in Clinical Pharmacy
  • Emerge from the Crowd: How to Become a Standout Residency Candidate
  • On Demand CV and LOI Review Service
  • ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge and ACCP Clinical Research Challenge
  • 2024 ACCP Annual Meeting: September 8-10th @ Bethesda N Marriott Hotel & Conf Ctr

Practice and Research Networks (PRNs)

  • Gain perspectives of your professional interests, network with practitioners

Research Opportunities

  • Mentorship, grant funding, access to original research on clinical pharmacy

Leadership Opportunities

  • Locally: Positions in LECOM’s ACCP Student Chapter
  • Nationally: National Student Network Advisory Committee

ACCP Student Chapter Opportunities

  • Shadowing Opportunities
  • Script Your Future (SYF) Events
  • Interdisciplinary Events
  • Community Service Events
  • Social Events
  • Guest speakers from various clinical pharmacy specialties


ACCP Student Membership Fee: $55

ACCP Student Membership Application

Please email ACCP Student Membership Applications to: Jessica Clark at

Visit Our Social Media Pages:

Facebook: ACCP-LECOM Bradenton Student Chapter 

Instagram: @lecomaccp

ACCP Executive Board 2023 – 2024

President: Jessica Simmons

President-Elect: Philopateer Rizkalla

Vice President: Vivian Carter

Secretary: Nazia Bhatti

Treasurer: Jessica Clark

Pharmacy Student Liaison: Lauran Thomas

Service Chair: Shaylin Arwani

Clinical Education Chair: Adrienne Maximin

Social and Fundraising Chair: Kristina Sokolova

Professional-Development Chair: Anna Zeljazkow

Advisor: Dr. Lesneski

ACCP Executive Board 2022 – 2023

President: Amanda Clark

President-Elect: Jessica Simmons

Vice President: Anam Jamal

Secretary: Cecilia Nyman

Treasurer: Jessica Russell

Pharmacy Student Liaison: Celina Smarowsky

Service Chair: Nadia Atari 

Clinical Education Chair: Adrienne Maximin 

Social and Fundraiser Chair: Jessica Clark

Professional-development Chair: Thomas Gadalh

Advisor: Dr. Lesneski

ACCP Executive Board 2021 – 2022

President: Whitney Phillips

President-Elect: Amanda Clark

Vice President: Morgana Sasso

Secretary: Reynell Flores Morales

Treasurer: Melissa Johnson

Pharmacy Student Liaison: Kelli Frix

Service Chair: Karl Ramos

Clinical Education Chair: Karen Loyd

Social and Fundraiser Chair: Savannah Saunders

Professional-development Chair: 

Advisor: Dr. Lesneski

ACCP Executive Board 2020 – 2021

President: Vivien Singh

President-Elect: Whitney Phillips

Vice President: Susmita Samuel

Secretary: Marina Shoukry

Treasurer: Mahmoud Hamdallah

Pharmacy Student Liaison: Prince Alam

Advisor: Dr. Lesneski

ACCP Executive Board 2019-2020

President: Zimrisha Alla

President-Elect: Vivien Singh

Vice President: Yasmin Abdulkadir

Secretary: Mihn Thien Vo

Pharmacy Student Liaison: Abigail Bouadi