Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Kappa Psi, founded in 1879, is the oldest and largest professional pharmaceutical fraternity in the world. The purpose of Kappa Psi is to bring together pharmacy students for the mutual benefit of all its members in a professionally oriented manner. Kappa Psi promotes high ideals, and scholarship and provides bonds of lasting interest, loyalty, and friendship. The fraternity supports community projects that will advance and create active involvement in the profession of pharmacy. Kappa Psi inspires in its members a deep and lasting pride in their Fraternity and in the profession of pharmacy.

If you are interested in joining, here is a google form to fill out so you can stay updated with the organizations events and meeting dates!


Kappa Psi Executive Board 2022 – 2023

Regent: Bosun Alayoku

Vice Regent: Albina Karic

Secretary: Kyrljehn Galiotte

Treasurer: Reynell Flores Morales

Historian: Jean-Ross Dayandante

Chaplain: Elena Santiago Guidicelli

Sergeant-At-Arms: Bria Ariza

New Member Coordinator: Elizabeth Ocasio

Social Chair: Amanda Melendez Martinez

Philanthropy Chair: Fayola Robillard

Alumni Relations Chair: Cendy Jerome

Advisor: Dr. Shelby Landau, Dr. Aashish Morani

Kappa Psi Executive Board 2021 – 2022

Regent: Sabrina Alahmad

Vice Regent: Kyrljehn Galiotte

Secretary: Fayola Robillard

Treasurer: Sarah Stoner

Historian: Drew Johnson

Chaplain: Lian Santiago Rodriguez

Sergeant-At-Arms: Reynell Flores Morales

New Member Coordinator: Laura Andress

Social Chair: Karen Loyd

Philanthropy Chair: Taylor Tran

Alumni Relations Chair: Brooke McMahon

Advisor: Dr. Victoria Reinhartz, Dr. AashishMorani

Kappa Psi Executive Board 2020 – 2021

Regent: Matthew Haas

Vice Regent: Sabrina Alahmad

Secretary: Sarah Stoner

Treasurer: Fayola Robillard

Historian: Drew Johnson

Chaplain: Amanda Melendez Martinez

Sergeant-At-Arms: Bosun Alayoku

New Member Coordinator: Dhara Patel

Social Chair: Amanda Damaso

Philanthropy Chair: Laura Andress

Alumni Relations Chair: Brooke McMahon

Advisor: Dr. Reinhartz

Kappa Psi Executive Board 2019-2020

Regent: Brittany Ring

Vice Regent: Shelby Landau

Secretary: Rachel Kyeremaa

Treasurer: Albin Babu

Historian: Brenda Celestin

Chaplain: Ariel Fucien

Sergeant-At-Arms: Sebastian Saldarriaga

New Member Coordinator: Matthew Haas

Social Chair: Leah Stitsky

Philanthropy Chair: Allyson Duemmel

Alumni Relations Chair: Olivia Frankson

Advisor: Dr. Reinhartz