We are NEW organization on campus!

Objectives: To define the future role of minority health professionals in the community. To develop a positive image of minority health professionals. To coordinate programs that will improve the healthcare awareness of minority communities. To encourage Student Chapter members, upon graduation, to become active members of the profession of pharmacy.


  • Community service events
  • Social events
  • Guest speakers
  • Pharmacy internships
  • CVS Spanish Immersion Summer Internship Webinars
  • IPPE and APPE opportunites
  • Improve Spanish Medical Terminology

Membership fee: $25
Chapter fee $15

If you are interested in joining, here is a google form to fill out so you can stay updated with the organization’s events and meeting dates!


NHPA Executive Board 2023 – 2024

Advisor: Dr. Tatiana Yero

President: Lisandra Almodovar

President Elect: Nicole Rodriguez

Vice President: Samaeliz Guzman Rodriguez

Secretary: Andrea N. Rivera Morales

Treasurer: Nilka A. Cruz Jusino

Historian: Natalia Sofía Rivera Rolón

Webmaster: Edgar S. Jiménez Vega

Committee Chair: Jessica Montanez Roque

NHPA Past Executive Board:

NHPA Executive Board 2022 – 2023:

Advisor: Dr. Tatiana Yero

President: José Daniel Rangel García

President-Elect: Lisandra M. Almodovar Santiago

Vice President: Lyvette Trabal Valentin

Treasurer: Elisa Fahmie

Secretary: Anele Vazquez

Historian: Natalia Sofía Rivera Rolón

Webmaster: Erika Ruiz

Committee Chair (if applicable)

Samaeliz Guzman Rodriguez


NHPA Executive Board 2021 – 2022:

Advisor: Dr. Yero

President: Valerie Velez Rodriguez

President Elect: Jose Rangel Garcia

Vice President: Lian Santiago Rodriguez

Secretary: Carlos Martinez Morejon

Treasurer: Keila Perez Rosario

Historian: Yazaely Cremata

Webmaster: Lyvette Trabal


NHPA Executive Board 2020 – 2021:

Advisor: Dr. Yero

President: Ingrid Belaza

Vice President: Laura Martinez

Secretary: Karla Antonetti

Treasurer: Laura Caban