The LECOM Bradenton chapter of SNPhA, started in 2014, is an educational service association membered by students dedicated to serving the under-served. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate and execute programs geared toward the improvement for the health, education, and social environment of the community. SNPhA strives to increase the meager minority representation in the pharmacy profession. SNPhA offers student members the opportunity to improve leadership and professional skills while promoting active participation in national health care issues. Our main goal is to educate communities on better health practices and to increase awareness and understanding of the disease. Our chapter includes 4 main initiatives: Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Stroke and HIV/AIDS awareness. Also, our CAPS initiative offers the opportunity to collaborate with other schools of pharmacy. SNPhA offers more than $100,000 in scholarship and award opportunities as well as discounts on rental cars, hotels, and more.

SNPhA Executive Board 2022 – 2023

President: Kyrljehn Galiotte

President-Elect: Adrienne Maximin 

Vice President: Kristyn Joy McNeil

Secretary: Amber Crockett

Treasurer: Bria Ariza

Historian: Stephanie Phillips

Mental Health Chair: Cecilia Nyman

Chronic Kidney Disease Chair: Jessie Clark

Women Wellness: Amy Engel

Advisor: Dr. Lillian Smith

SNPhA Executive Board 2021 – 2022

President: Fayola Robillard

President-Elect: Kyrljehn Galiotte

Vice President: Koehler Machlus

Secretary: Amanda Melendez

Treasurer: Bria Ariza

Historian: Courtney Ennis

Mental Health Chair: Nancy Guillaume

Advisor: Dr. Smith

SNPhA Executive Board 2020 – 2021

President: Sebastian Saldarriaga

President-Elect: Fayola Robillard

Vice President: Megan Wood

Secretary: Raissa Polo Arias

Treasurer: Koehler Machlus

Historian: Giselle Delgado

Operations Immunizations Chair: Aaron Lam

CAPS Chair: Cristina Gonzalez

Chronic Kidney Disease Chairs: TBD

Diabetes Chair: TBD

Women’s Wellness Chair: Quynh Vu

Power to End Stroke Chair: Stephanie Wakefield

Global Health Chair: TBD

Children’s Wellness Chair: Dhara Patel

Mental Health Chair: Kajal Naran

Membership Chair: Lawrence Perez

Bridging the Gap Chair: Amanda Melendez

Legislative Chair: Nathan Wesley

USPHS-RX Chair: Sabrina Alahmad, Dhara Patel, & Sarah Stoner

Advisor: Dr. Smith

SNPhA Executive Board 2019-2020

President: Thao Le

President-Elect: Sebastian Saldarriaga

Vice President: Allison Kick

Secretary: Casandra Perez

Treasurer: Jenna Cameron

Historian: Summer Burroughs

OI Chair: Megan Wood

CAPS Chair: Cristina Gonzalez

Chronic Kidney Disease Chairs: Sampson Saint-Felix

Diabetes Chair: Keyliann Soto

Women’s Wellness Chair: Raissa Polo Arias

Power to End Stroke Chair: Fejiro Omakor

Global Health Chair: Langeda Bontemps & Liony Arzu

Children’s Wellness Chair: Ebaimolen Adodo

Mental Health Chair: Julia Fombi & Giselle Delgado

Membership/Bridging the Gap Chair: Diana Alarcon & Suthida Bayrasy

Legislative Chair: Matt Haas