Various companies (Publix, Wal-Mart, Winn-Dixie, etc.) offer summer work opportunities with some offering structured internship opportunities.

CVS Caremark Summer Internship

The pharmacy internship program, called ExperienceRx™, is structured to develop student’s professional skills in an environment where you will be exposed to all aspects of community pharmacy. Students will be allowed to reinforce classroom knowledge through experience-centric learning and this synergistic approach will prepare you, a future Pharmacist, to fulfill the needs of patients within their communities. ExperienceRx™ was designed to enhance your clinical, managerial and leadership skills so that together, we can reinvent pharmacy.


Walgreens Internship

One of Walgreens most exciting paths to becoming a pharmacy professional is our internship program.  Walgreens pharmacists are out from behind their counters consulting with patients and building long-term trust and relationships. As an intern here, you’ll gain first-hand store/field experience as we provide you with varying levels of information based on your year in professional pharmacy school, ranging from prescription medications to herbal products, disease state information to pharmacy laws and ethics. If you’re looking for learning opportunities in a highly collaborative and consultative environment dedicated to overall patient wellness, this is the ideal opportunity for you.